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Kevin Scott began teaching improvisation for the world Famous Second City in Chicago in the 1990s. He’s taught continuously since then for the Second City, Gotham City Improv, The People’s Improv Theater and for various other groups and organizations. He was a founding member of 3 legendary long-form ensembles (Chicago’s Bang Bang, New York’s Burn Manhattan and Centralia) and has been teaching techniques developed with each of those ensembles for the last 20 years. He is a specialist in physical/organic improvisation as well as comedic improvisation and has taught for The BIG IF in Barcelona and The Wurzburger Improtheater Festival as well as in Padua Italy, London England and Hamburg Germany.


 24th of October  7PM till 10PM



Getting the audience to laugh is easy – we can always make a funny reference, a quick joke or play the weirdo… but these tricks get old and the audience gets tired of them. Keeping scenes funny and the audience interested means improvising with structure and concepts towards a comedic story. Kevin Scott will introduce you to the comic devices that will make you go beyond your usual comic premises towards hilarious scenes and continuous comedy. The goal of the workshop is to provide a common language for improvisers to reference off stage and to follow while playing onstage. Going beyond funny characters and dialog towards funny scenes. Learning these comic devices will help improvisors go beyond the usual comic premises, sometimes referred to as the ‘game’ of the scene or the ‘comic engine’. This workshop introduces players comic devices they may not have recognized before and gives a name to ones they may already know.

Concepts include: Basic scene structure, fish out of water, simple but impossible task, collision of opposites, substitution, center and eccentrics and more.


25th of October  7PM till 10PM



One trap improvisors fall into is the talking scene or the motionless scene. Action improv aims to take tools from various techniques and styles (including clowning, Comedia Dell’arte, Viewpoints and more) to energize and activate the players and the space. The workshop focuses on using physical exploration to inspire scenes and character choices. Participants will also explore using mirror and transformation techniques within a long-form in the style often referred to as Organic Improv.
Character Centered Improv – An in-depth workshop exploring original character development. Topics include characterization vs. true character, archetypes and stereotypes. Participants will develop characters as well as learn techniques for further development and exploration. participants will also work toward playing with a level of truth and commitment that allows the character to take over making choices and the improvisor goes along for the ride.




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24th and 25th of October

7PM till 10PM



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